Implementing Change In Your Life

When a person directs his apprenticeship program, adjusting it to their needs, circumstances and motivation, learning is more effective. Focus on clear and achievable goals: People need to know clearly what the skills and steps needed to improve it. Avoiding Relapse: Habits change slowly, relapses and slips do not have to be a sign of defeat. Provide feedback on performance: The constant positive feedback encourages change and helps to direct. Encourage practice: a lasting change requires constant practice, at work and outside it. Search support: Other like-minded people who are seeking similar changes may provide crucial ongoing support. Provide models: A very efficient and high position, that is the epitome of fitness, can be a model to inspire change. Give encouragement: The change will be greater if the environment of the organization supported the change, assesses the fitness and offer a safe atmosphere for experimentation. Glenn Dubin has many thoughts on the issue.

Asserting to change: People need to recognize, feel that their forces for change are important. Evaluate: Develop systems to evaluate the development, to see if it has lasting effects. Thus, as in this time of great and constant changes in all spheres of existence, they are required individuals to have to be prepared to face new challenges, faster and more violent, mainly motivated by the fact that globalization , which imposes all sorts of demands on organizations, causing risk to their staff. It is essential to remember that above all firms are shaped by human beings who have needs and goals, which sometimes accept, or not rational.