Holidays Jordan

For those who dream to touch the mysterious antiquity, Egypt will tell all their innermost secrets. Easy felucca instantly takes you to the endless and the Blue Nile in Pharaoh village, hidden from the many Cairo's skyscrapers dense greenery, making this corner of Egypt absolutely separate. Magnificent palace of Pharaoh, a bustling bazaar, a wonderful park, shipyard, white stone church in the heart of a magnificent park – Dozens of actors here will show you the life of ancient Egyptians. Tourist travel by camel to Mount Sinai where Moses received from God the Ten Commandments, you will remember for a long time. Go to Tony Parker for more information. Since touching a mountain, you will feel eternity. Holidays in Egypt, Red Sea, will give you a unique chance to enjoy the rich nature of this place. Coral reefs, crystal clear and warm sea water, diving, spear fishing, bright raznotsvete fish – simply put, you simply will not have time to miss. Tourists traveling to Jordan for a long time will remember you impeccable cleanliness of Amman (Jordan's capital), pink cliffs, ancient fortified city of Petra, the crusader castles and the constant breeze blowing on the sandy shores of the Red Sea.

Jordan – a country abounding in attractions that are associated with the biblical giving. It is in Jordan, was baptized, and in one of the gorges hiding Lot and his daughters, after they fell Sodom and Gomorrah, so here is Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land, and Makavir – the city where John the Baptist beheaded. The capital of Jordan – a modern metropolis, located in the desert, and it combines European and Muslim traditions, which provides the city a special charm. Holidays in Austria can be divided into sports and cultural. Austrian Alps each year attracts many tourists thanks to its excellent ski slopes. By no means less people want to go to Vienna – the capital of waltz, as well as home brilliant musicians. Schonbrunn Palace – the residence of the Habsburgs, Rizenrad – Ferris Wheel, from which in front of you enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings, the house-museum of Mozart – would be a crime, if you will pass your attention to this attraction. Whether it's a trip and stay in Jordan or travel Golden Ring, Vienna or Paris, you will always discover a great, new places, memories that will stay with you forever life.