History Of The City Of Barcelona

The fascinating story of a fascinating city where summary Barcelona’s unique beauty is quite simply stunning and very impressive. Packed with sights and great prospects, Barcelona combines progress and prosperity. Full of life and with all the facets of the city here beats the heart of history and culture. The tourist flow will be greeted warmly and it pretty much all holidays be fulfilled expectations. There are many remarkable remains of monuments from the past. Barcelona history captured each and also gives impetus to the curiosity. Barcelona’s history: the city was originally known as BARCINO and was founded by the Karthaginiensern and the Phoenicians.

The Romans came first in this area. You can still see that E.g. at the Plaza del REI and the Gothic quarter. A visit to the MUHBA, the history museum, is highly recommended. It is located at the Cathedral of Barcelona.

In the 5th century before Christ, the Visigoths in this area invaded and changed the name to BARCINONA. After that, the Moors ruled here a century before the Franks reconquered the territory. Around this time, the Spanish reconquest was initiated, which should conclude later under the name of ‘Spanish marches’ fame. During the ‘Spanish marches’ was divided into a number of districts of the area under which the district ‘Barcelona’ was the most important. Under count Borrel II, the District of Barcelona its independence from the Carolingian Empire gained in the year 998. As a result, the urban area to the expanded, what is today known as Catalonia. With the Catalonian area under the Aragonese flag, Barcelona then lost influence. Occurred in the following years more and more conflicts between the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Any trade with America in the 17th century was prohibited from Barcelona. At about the same time, Catalonia declared its independence through a bloody war with Spain. In this war of independence, Spain lost territories to France and other areas of Catalonia. These Areas then went back after the collapse of the French Empire in Spain. Barcelona but then cemented its importance during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Barcelona not least crystallized in 1888 as the host of the World Expo as a popular tourist destination in Spain. With its rugged charm and the beauty of the city, a visit to Barcelona leaves no one untouched. With the holding of the Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona achieved new heights of popularity. Others who may share this opinion include neil cole. This fame is not gone since then and Barcelona is also known as the seat of the Cultural Forum since 2004. Without a doubt, Barcelona is the heart and soul of Spain. Get a deep Enblick in the interesting history and culture. Discover the city on your own with a holiday apartment in Barcelona.