Hamburger Hill

Depending on the weather he slushy, snowy or frozen be – at an angle of approx. 45 degrees a real killer 4 Hangman the runners must be six feet over the Lauer shimmy. Actor: the source for more info. Who slip out, ends up in the River, here about two meters deep jump I: is here 5 Lauer to the river the first time Wade through are. Large stones in the river bed and a strong current make the natural obstacle not just the walk 6 the Chamber: A fun obstacle in a narrow passage, in which the runners are confused by irritating stimuli, to divert them from the right path 7 eyes to the sky: Knochenhartes combined obstacle with alternating items to skip and creep 8 brave wall: the spectacular 12 meters wide and six meters high climbing obstacle is one of the hallmarks of the Rheinruhrfreizeit and its dimensions and the high levels an absolute courage and force 9 Schweinfurt: A more crossing of the river Lauer 10 Burma: the river is again crossed, this time over a rickety suspension bridge from slippery ropes 11 Murschter city worker: on the building yard of Munnerstadt, the runners over some hurdles need to climb 12 Neeb fields: A muddy field with deep trenches, very difficult and exhausting crossing 13 Wood Wheels”: Climbing obstacle with several barriers made of wood 14 the tree, your friend: high climbing obstacle out of tree trunks, humidity slick and slippery are 15 food station 1 16 inov – 8 death” Valley I: named title sponsor and specialist for trail running shoes inov-8’s this about two kilometres long slightly ascending section by a very rugged ravine 17 spiral power: staying on the ground not at the bottom in this electrifying creep obstacle, will be punished 18 Firefly: burning Webgabschnitte to skip wood, straw and tire barriers heat up the bravehearts 19 Loch Ness: Famous notorious rainwater retention basin, that must be swum only about 80 metres and then again wades through 20 boot washer: A small but fine natural obstacle by a Brook by 21 Hamburger Hill: 150 meters must deal with goods the Bishop at a distance of about 2.5 kilometers and doing some climbing obstacles complete 22 of Munnerstadter height: great creeping and climbing combined. You may wish to learn more. If so, Celina Dubin is the place to go.