Green Country

April 19, 2008 at 12:00 in St. Petersburg at the Tallinn highway was officially opened Russia's first garden center Dutch mega-network of "Green Country." The Promoter – Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk (AKTM). This holiday, like most others, AKTM create "turnkey". Number of public over 5 thousand people. The official part of the event began with a press conference (more than 70 reporters and 55 accredited media.) Stage action constituted a single entity, and consisted of four parts, plus the total final. The basis of the play "Green Worlds of the country" was supposed to defile clothing made of natural flowers. The cast came together a terrific choreography, flowers, fire and water.

Each part has been sustained in one color and symbolizes one of the "worlds" of the "Green Country." Peace Garden, a world of flowers – and a romantic waltz. Peace building: the fire as a symbol of hearth and home – Fire show and fiery Carmen. The world of animals and most organic actors – trained dogs. Water World – aquacade and elegant Bolero. At the end of the play sounded remix the anthem "Green Country" (by Alexey Nikolaev remix).

A fitting gift for all those present was the performance of Limes Vajkule, has once again confirmed its status of this artist. And Lima, and its musicians and the audience were quite comfortable live sound. Conducted program Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny Alexandrov. Statement of the dancing show – Elena Belyaeva. Choreographer – Nicholas Pester. Performance – Ballet "Style." Director of the holiday – Natalia Soloviev, Andrey Kislyuk Workshop.