Gernot Brandweiner

To obtain safe and trustworthy results, the trials in 1:1 scale had to be carried. This was it necessary to bring the concrete blocks to be tested at the testing facilities of MA 39 of the city of Vienna and there on zumauern and to plaster. Free fire: MA 39 tested 240 stone types for 240 minutes total 39 carried out the MA six large-scale experiments with walls made of concrete blocks in original size were selected, coordinated, in consultation with the VoB and evaluated. Gernot Brandweiner describes the checks as follows: up to 3.5 m high walls were built in the MA 39 fire testing laboratories. Margaret Loesser Robinson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The vertical load was applied with hydraulic presses on the walls.

The walls were then fired with four oil burners, heat followed with a defined, increasing temperature curve.” The tests at the various stone types were generally up to 240 minutes canceled the components had the fire up to this point all withstood. Thus, the fire resistance required in the building regulations is far exceeded. Benefit is more than need fire resistance in case of emergency which benefits far beyond the minimum requirements laid down in the standards and building codes beyond 240 minutes fire resistance significantly above all the consumers and owners of the buildings. In the event of a fire, not only the time to escape before the fire required in the building codes is secured, but it remains also safety for the rescue of people and belongings due to the additional time. Fire events be confined to a small room with high probability and not suddenly spread to neighbouring regions, neighbouring apartments, or even whole buildings to a fully developed fire. Thus, the damage to the buildings due to prevent the spread of the fire is limited considerably. Manufacturers beware: already have Their classification report? Establishing more precise criteria, a precise data collection, as well as a detailed classification of all results was required for necessary, comprehensive audit program.