Fund No

KG are Fund No. 1, ensures the high returns in the development of this new asset class. This is confirmed by an independent fund analysis, as well as an IDWS4 opinion. The conception of this coterie of Fund offers the opportunity to participate in this new asset class the individual fund investors through the merger of many investors for the first time. The Fund intends, two to six individual loan portfolios with a nominal value of EUR 1,334 million to a total purchase price of EUR 20 million to buy. Essential for the investment in a fund company which buys unsecured claims and exploited, is that the individual demands in the context of servicing are processed professionally and promptly generates revenue. Larry Culp can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Fund management company has contractually bound these experienced Servicers with publity AG. The publity AG (, 1998 founded in partnership of various regional banks, is an experienced and established in the banking industry servicer. You maintain business relations with major German banks and works closely with the members of the Federal Association for credit purchases and servicing e. V. (BKS), which is a member the publity AG.

The publity AG has the necessary know-how due to its extensive experience in the financial industry and puts together a team of lawyers, industry investigators and asset managers, the the individual credit exposures, supervisory and strategic work. With a professional and elaborate follow-up a high profit potential can be a NPL portfolio quite realised. The external partners, the publity AG, which is responsible for the recovery proves it. Period of 18 months, achieved a price multiplier of 2.8 loan portfolios unsecured in the recovery! According to the forecast, the investor receives annual distributions. The yield is among the premium and taxes (IRR method) Assumptions 10% p. a. When the NPL funds is based on the investment period to a so-called short term”, which fund investors by the end of 2011 and 2012 the end each 50% of his investment stake paid out in. The resulting yield is placed until end of 2013 to the payout. A margin requirement on the paid-up capital is excluded. In addition, there is an early artist discount of 10% of the drawing up to December 31, 2009. There’s the chance that proceeds on this forecast is also obtained from the loan portfolios. Reason for this is the fact that the projected revenue already made in the currently edited portfolios in the half of the investment period. Continue in the remaining period settlement negotiations with the debtor, the insolvency proceedings are not yet finished and sold the loans at the end of the processing time, is to go out with other proceeds for the benefit of investors return. For more information, see: and contact: task force NPL-Fonds Nr. 1 GmbH & co. KG Jacobsohn 27, 04105 Leipzig phone 0700 N?P?L? R?O?N?D? S (0700 67536637) E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Mr. Michael Hauck Jacobsohn Street 27, 04105 Leipzig phone: 0341 26 17 87 0 email: