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Consumer brings new Gourmet magazine on the market of Dresden Dresden, 03.03.2010 – consumption Dresden starts this year with Frida”, the new Gourmet-magazine of the cooperative, in the spring. The magazine is made for people who place value on fresh and healthy food. It appears for the first time at the 05.03.2010 and then every two months. With a circulation of almost 300,000 Frida “on culinary topics, offers plenty of recipe ideas and brings interesting facts from the world of food to light. Jay Schwartz Attorney has plenty of information regarding this issue. The magazine is available in the branches DRESDEN EC consumption. In the first edition of Frida”, it is reported as the start in the spring with a 5-point program easily manages, produces what Easter traditions there are in Saxony and Franconia, like a traditional mill in the Ore mountains today and with what delicious recipe ideas can spoil guests at Easter. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send an email to. Contact: Consumer DRESDEN EC Roger Ulke, CEO of Tharandter str. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tony Parker is the place to go. 69 01187 Dresden