Fray Luis

In the Cants de mort death is alluded to as a threat or danger, but then comes the fear for reasons arising from its Platonism erotic, since to die, die the pain in that the lover is satisfied: song of love, pain and death, when dies the beloved; instead of resolving into a rage. A corpus of poetry marquiana of some ten thousand verses is housed. The great edition of Amedee Pages, obres them d Auzias March, (1912), he managed to enumerate all the poems and eliminate the thematic classification used since the Renaissance. Marquiana are among the poets of undoubted influence: Boscan, Garcilaso, Fray Luis de Leon, Gutierre de Cetina, and Fernando de Herrera. Honorato Juan, Bishop of Osma, did read the poems of March the Prince Don Carlos, son of Felipe II.

March is more than emotional self-analysis of praise of his beloved or beloved poet. Poetry of living bone, has said that it was his poetry. His verses are much more than love poems. March devoted most of his poetic effort to attempt to understand their passions. His work exudes philosophising aristotelizante and out, while the poetic influence of Dante and Petrarch, not to mention the Provencal troubadours that represent the main vein that feeds his poetry is noted. Within the catalan literature should be mentioned the influence of Ramon Llull and perhaps also of San Vicente Ferrer Valencian preacher whose sermons, March had heard when mozo.

Menendez Pelayo called March of great poet, but poet incomplete. It was too one-sided in its willingness to analyst. But also recognised Santander polygraph that was a romantic poet avant la lettre given the emotional intensity of his images. A very important aspect of the work of March is nothing less than their relationships with women. The transformation of a more or less emotional lyric poetry in a poetry so intensely psychological and analytical has not been explained enough. You have to wait now that feminism has opened up new avenues for critical consideration that poetry without shame or prejudices. March began to poetizing using catalan and was the first poet who abandoned the language of his teachers after Llull: that Provencal maintained thanks to the snobbery of nobles and burghers and the titanic efforts of maestrillos, authors of Trejimanes and rules of trovar, illustrious member of the consistory of the Gaia science. No popular base, the Provencal scaffolding fell under their weight. It is logical to believe that the cause was the inanity that cultivate a poetry in a language no longer spoken, even if it means not denying March the merit of having been who gave him the coup de grace. March is one of the poets most vibrant and complex of our country, in his verses is often found a subtle and abstruse philosopher, a great psychologist, tomistica roots. Why has said teacher Pages his poetry, to be understood at all, requires a real initiation, something of the style of what happens with Dante if comparison is lawful. And as the Valencian poet said. He is known to love for its effects. / Their amount is not too exact: / great amador, another is for boy / and take love power according to where you enter. Francisco Arias Solis always can do something for peace and freedom. XIII Festival poetry for peace and freedom in homage to Benedetti. URL: Original author and source of the article.