Flower Fragrances

Often, it is – a thin man, always has the flavor and taste for art. Give a beautiful Libra! This aesthetic highly appreciated paintings, stylish furnishings, vintage sets. Classroom Fragrances – also have weights in high esteem. Flower tip: asters, carnations, chrysanthemums, tiger lilies, roses – Libra come to the yard! Scorpio – the mystical Zodiac sign. It is woven from the controversy. Find a way as to present an ordinary gift into a symbolic world and its links with the basics of life – and he transformed in the eyes of Scorpio. Very strong sexual energy of Scorpio and his aggression is quite allow him to give weapons and erotic toys.

Flower tip: give Scorpio irises, lilies, white roses, daffodils and even cacti. Sagittarius is always looking for new and unusual things, his motto – "I am eager!". Roads wandering, searching, and travel – this is the theme for the gifts of Sagittarius. Importantly, find out what's expressed his desire for novelty: in dayverstve, travel, or hitch in collecting new hearts. Flower tip: give Sagittarius carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, or phlox. Sela Ward understood the implications. Practical Capricorn guided the slogan "I'm using!" But at the same time, deep and secretive Capricorn loves all the mysterious, mystical: the esoteric stuff, the old symbols, etc. Flower Note: give Capricorn gerbera and lilies, tulips, red carnations, gladioli and dahlias.

"I know" – the motto of incredible ingenuity and inventive Aquarius. Usually, Aquarians are very sociable, and their interests are very broad. Give him something new, hi-tech, are dragged by the imagination – and your gift will be the beginning of his next passion. " Computers, photography, music, sports – here are things that like Aquarius. Flower tip: Aquarius will be happy to orchids, violets, tulips, daffodils, lilies and forget-me. Immersed in a mystical fish loves movies, music, reading – anything that allows her to indulge in solitary contemplation of the world, themselves and themselves in the world. "I believe" – the motto of Pisces. People with this sign is always instinctively religious, even if you do not go to church. Give them talismans, incense sticks, warm clothes or blankets. Flower note: carnation, gladiolus, peonies and chrysanthemums fish will be happy. But gerbera and tulip Pisces is better not to give. Well, now, after going through Wheel of the Year, you've learned a lot about the signs of the zodiac, and their preferences. We can only without attention to the man – can not do. Any doubts? You can always verify this assertion.