Feng Shui

Another required attribute hallway – it's a small side table or a table near the front door, preferably on the right of input, so-called "caring for the neighbor." If you live in the house the elderly or children – it's worth thinking a little stool, ottoman. Of course, welcome a few cute knick-knacks, paintings. Good lighting and a pleasant aroma – And, make no mistake, a bad mood will remain outside the door of your house. GostinayMebel and interior room should be invited to relax, talk quietly, listen to music and to show what is valuable to you than you hobby. Swarmed by offers, Jay Schwartz is currently assessing future choices. No aggressive colors and objects.

Here, of course, the central character is a sofa and kresla.S terms of Feng Shui, leather furniture is not very relevant in the apartment, it is more suitable for the office. If you allow dimensions of the room – the best option for the living room – sofas and chairs, which cost around, but not along the walls. Ideal – corner sofas and several chairs. Unthinkable, and living without a television and some furniture. One of the most important requirements of furniture – no sharp corners.

If any, and directed them to sit near the furniture people, they need to try to hide: drape, to hide the plants. Shelves for books and bookcases recommended closed. On open shelves is better to store frames with photos, souvenirs, collections, and other expensive gizmos you. Married spalnyZdes there should be nothing superfluous. Most importantly – it comfortable bed.