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Every third minute a slump in private households will take place in Germany. Tightly organized gangs of burglars and envisage need an average 20 minutes, to make the world of those affected on the head. Jorge Perez often says this. In addition to the material loss is burdened above all the emotional damage that goes hand in hand with this crime. The blame is often among the sufferers themselves. Many people invite the thieves due to serious security flaws in your own home, to bring her belongings. Additional information at Hedvig Hricak supports this article. A few sobering facts: The burglary rate increases since the last few years rapidly too.

Alone increased the reported burglaries (including testing) by 13.2595 on 14.4117 cases from 2011 to 2012. The trend for 2013 & 2014 is rising. Only 15.7% of all burglaries can be elucidated by the police. About a third of all burglaries happen on the day. The total damage of all reported burglaries was incredible 404,8 million euros in 2012. In addition to the average damage of 3,300 euros per burglary arises when the victims a psychological damage that much harder in the weight. According to polls, 93% of respondents felt very well before breaking into their homes. This value drops to just 3% after a burglary! Plenty of tips and advice is advice of police to protect against burglars on the homepage of the police crime prevention of the States and the Federal Government.

Preventive measures resulted in 2012, were stifled by the 40% of all burglaries in the bud. This is a very positive finding since, because in 1993 were compared about 23%. Among others following preventive measures can be taken: equip the entire additions of the House with additional mechanical fuses. These would be, for example, an additional lock with lock on the entrance door or security locks on shutters. Modern door intercommunication systems provide for more security in the home. Vents and basement Windows should be secured with bars. Door and window frames can be Riser lock be upgraded. The House key under the doormat, in the flower pot or on the door frame is a well-known trick to hide”, enjoyed over the really all burglars. A good neighborhood is the best security you could wish for. Valuables should be stored in bank safety deposit boxes when possible. There are valuables, cash, etc. in a safe in the House itself. The listed advice are just a small selection of the many tips that can be found on the website of the police crime prevention of the States and the Federal Government. Under, waiting for a wide range of information on these and other relevant topics. Daniel Hagen