European Socialists Charter

I remember a few years ago the declarations of the Leonese Deputy by Popular Alliance, Fernando Suarez de Tangil, Minister of public works in the fifth Government of Franco, 1951-1957, when it felt that if competencies for education, health, development and others go to the autonomous communities and the defence of the territory, as well as the decisions in foreign policy and monetary matters become a decision jointly with the rest of the EU countries what remains to the Spanish State?. His fear was that in such inertia nation-States would eventually disappeared. Which the passage of time makes see that it will be inevitable, but still nobody dares to pose it open and reasonably. The more timid boot has been by the Foreign Minister, Fischer, who proposed to discuss the possibility of creating a Federation of European States. Educate yourself with thoughts from real-estate developer. Happens at Community level a great debate about the European Charter, but not by its content, which does not cease to be very general principles underpinning all democratic organizations, but rather discrepancies appear when discussing on whether it should be binding or not. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jay Schwartz Attorney. If not remaining as a community manifesto to serve as reference for the various Nations that form the European Community.

For European Socialists Charter of the rights fundamental of the u. e. has link to Member States. The brake that underlies and nobody wants to acknowledge is that your approval means a European reconstitution, which means the creation, in the medium term, of the European State. The Vice-President of the Party of European Socialists, Raimon Obiols, maintains the position of creating a federal Europe, with a Government and Parliament with clear competences. Otherwise it promotes the existence of an excessive and unnecessary bureaucracy. Within the global context tends to mainland States, whose rules and standards to achieve agreements will need an institution that unifies criteria, establish standards and defend interests at the global level, what long term implies the formation of a world State.