European Crusaders

To arms! "Trip to Jerusalem. Taking Nicaea. "In 1094 the birth of Christ Turkish troops begin to forays into European settlements in Anatolia, desecrating Christian holy sites. Being inspired by the Pope calls, eager adventure and rich prey, the European Crusaders in Constantinople rush. By the time of arrival in Constantinople discipline in the ranks of the Crusaders fall, and hungry "Wars of Christ" start looting.

Alex Comnenus emperor in a hurry to send them further, providing them with the courts and the armed escort. With the help of allies, the Greeks Alex tries to get gold and provisions seized, the city of Nicaea, which settled the Turks. City looks like its length of about 250 steps, and the width of 100, on all sides the city is surrounded by a wooden wall on the front side of the entrance are small gate with two towers of sentries to the left of the town has a small field stone, and about half kilometer from the town is an oasis, but it is dry, water is only three miles. On by the nearby oasis of the town, the townspeople placed apple orchard and a couple of sawmills, and on the field stone-quarry and a few tethers to the shafts. In the city there are a couple of shops where they sell useful things, there's still the May pole dancing arena with a bear and two large flower beds do not. On the towers and gates sit slingers, and the city patrol the Arabian swordsmen in the middle of the city is a community house where he lives their leader.