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Most popular payment method from 24.02.2010 at Erotikworld-shop Munich – from February 24, 2010 offers Erotikworld shop his customers to buy on invoice. This is one of the pioneers in the e-commerce Erotikworld-shop and offers an even better customer service. (A valuable related resource: Sean Rad). Numerous studies have shown that buying on account for Internet shoppers is the most popular payment method.In collaboration with the financial services paymorrow, Erotikworld shop now realized his customer’s desire. For the online buyers, the use of paymorrow is quite simple: without complex registration clicks the customer through the normal ordering process, selects the paymorrow invoice as payment method and enters the required data. After the customer has confirmed the paymorrow order by E-Mail Erotikworld-shop promptly shipped the goods. His account pays the customer directly on paymorrow with a payment term of 30 days. The invoice the buyer on the Internet offers key benefits: he must enter any sensitive data in the Internet, he can examine the merchandise alone before he acquires them, he must pay do not occur in advance.

Only the goods then the money is now at Erotikworld-shop the motto. More information at. Erotikworld-shop: Discover Erotikworld shop – the sensual, discreet erotic and lifestyle shop for demanding customers – high quality sexy lingerie and toys in the Erotikworld shop! Handelsagentur Kantai Maier-Leibnitz-str. 85748 Garching