Therefore at the atomic level, one manufactures a new liver every six months, a new skin each month, a new coating of the stomach every five days, a new skeleton every three months. And DNA, the genetic raw material body that stores the information of millions of years of evolution, the fundamental raw material i.e. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, come and go every six weeks. If one thinks that it is their physical body, we will be faced with a dilemma; Since what physical body we mean?. Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us that the last time he was in los Angeles to give this Conference, brought the same case but not the same physical body. Because the physical body, has recycled the Earth, water and air. More information is housed here: Tony Parker.

It has recycled carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements of the periodic table. The physical body is Earth, water, air recycled, recycled items that come and go in a blink of eyes. And the expression we all know dust, that we come from dust, circulate for a time and then we become powder. What we call physical body, perhaps only to be a place where our memories and dreams are residing in the present. The true I no are these molecules on which we rode. Shakespeare in one of his works used the expression: we are made of matter of which dreams are made. A cardiologist friend of Dr. Tony Parker may not feel the same.

Chopra, Dr. Bruno Cortes de Chicago, reported a case of a young woman of about 30 years who had to undergo a heart transplant. Shortly after the operation, to come out of anesthesia, felt strong cravings for nuggets of chicken and beer. At the same time had dreams in which he saw a person and this person conversed with her and told her that was called Timmy, I wanted it to. Given high once went to the library, sought the obituaries and found a Timmy’s 19 years, out of a fast food restaurant, where he had taken much beer and eaten chicken nuggest, had a fatal accident with the bike. She wore his heart, it was the donor. Since then Dr. Cotes and other cardiologists, study the cellular memory in transplanted patients. Dr. Chopra tells us that have probably been 10 years ago, I would have given them to the cardiologist and to the patient 100 mg of thorazine and would have called a psychiatrist. Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us that if ask a physicist specializing in quantum, about the true nature of physical beings, he would reply that they are not physical, that the human body is composed of atoms, atoms in turn by subatomic particles that move at great speed through huge spaces, and these subatomic particles, while we call them particles aren’t real entities. They are energy and information in a huge vacuum fluctuations. In the section health you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, Entertainment, computing, and more.