English-Speaking Accents

In today's article we will talk about language, which is rightly the most popular language to study throughout the world. Of course, this is the English language. You probably learned it in school, university, and possibly as most people seeking self-development and career advancement, learn it now. Together with you, English is taught in over 90 countries worldwide, including 300 million alone Chinese. A quarter of the world's population speaks English language. In many countries, even where English is the official language, it defaults to study all the inhabitants of the country at a high enough level. In Norway and Sweden, for example, movies in theaters ever not translated into local languages. Why? After all, residents of those countries know very well English.

English is the first or second state language in the UK, USA, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand. He also widely used in India, Pakistan and African countries. The inhabitants tend to have an idea that there is American English and British English, but few people know that this language is so widely distributed and multinational. You probably have heard, perhaps from someone who decided to teach English, as they say they want to teach only "real" British English. Or maybe you yourself looking towards down to his American "brother"? If so, what would you think about the English out of India? Correct, true, classic British English has existed for about 300 years ago in the British Kingdom, where gradually "Exported" to all parts of the globe – the remote New Zealand, Australia, America, as well as the colonized territories of Asia and Africa. Of course, the way it is altered, and possibly lose their sophistication, gaining instead of local flavor. For example, the unique Australian accent.

Or almost complete disregard for grammar in Jamaican English, which, however, and it sounds quite different, as the British. American English often called the "simplified" version of British English, referring primarily to the lightweight grammar. Adam Sandler understood the implications. It is necessary to dispel this myth and to mention that there were no major differences between the grammar of British and American English does not exist. The difference is probably in the lexical and phonetic parts of the language. The same concept in British and American English are often referred to with different words. And in terms of phonetics, the same words can pronounced differently, to the point that the Americans and British can be difficult to understand each other. However, neither version of the language is not in some way "defective" or simpler, just territorial and historical development of two different territories has left its mark on both the dialect of the same language. While studying language in Russia, do not be mad at their teacher-American because he did not graft your royal pronunciation. Follow the best to ensure that your English – any version of it – was it in English, without Novgorod / Tula / Moscow accent. After all, we even within one country and one language speaks with an accent, is not it? More Make the language of their own, listen to the media and speak for yourself, then you will understand and in Texas, and the Royal Palace in the UK. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Did you know that on Mars detected snow man? And even photographed? If not, then you – here. Good English speaker will tell you what's what. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Generic Methods Improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively