Economic Crime Traktorozavodskogo

And instead companions of our old friend (who, according to numerous requests from the detainees, has finally brought a witness and was security officer Dmitry Sokolov) the day appointed two more, working in the same wicked roles. The first of the civil chiefs even introduced himself. "Michael, an investigator on Economic Crime Traktorozavodskogo area "- he said grimly, without removing the card. The second was even more consistent silent type than a citizen of Sokolov, and maintained full anonymity until the end – just from the conversations between operatives, attentive witnesses heard that his name is sort of like Constantine. Witnesses and arrested on that day, incidentally, was lacking: apart from us, they were employees of nearby offices, and came by chance to him in this time guests and visitors. After all they were taken to the reception, Michael, that no one bored audience invited to play in an entertaining game of "prisoners". "We have a few questions to ask your director – he said. – Therefore, as long as it does not come, all remain in the waiting room. Go and talk to each other, talk on mobile and write sms-message is strictly prohibited. And indeed: in the doorway there was one man in civilian clothes, whose figure has been unequivocally indicate that the exit while Michael did not get the answers he needed from "our director", hardly anyone can. By the way: by "our director", as it turned out later, it is understood director of one of the firms located in our neighborhood.