DLP Projectors

The whole appearance also embodies the desire for purity – light body, soft charming shape and lack of protrusions and depressions, which will collect dirt. Main technical characteristics of new items – light output and contrast – such as a twice more expensive model PLV-Z2000. Of course, the actual picture quality depends not only on these parameters, but still nice. Zoom in PLV-Z700 double – compared to many other devices that have this parameter equal to 1,2 – 1,3, it is very good, as extends the projector in the living rooms. And even the chandelier it will not prevent – the function shift optics not only vertically but also horizontally will allow its easy to get around. Wide-angle lens – 100 inches diagonal can be obtained at the minimum distance from the screen 3 m, and hence make a movie theater can be even a small room. The device is built on three inorganic LCD-matrices, and therefore spared the rainbow effect, inherent in single-chip DLP-projectors. iris, which has two automatic modes – in one priority given brightness, and in another – the contrast is also possible to hand control of its opening.

The device is capable of displaying a billion colors – such a wealth achieved by 10-bit drivers panels. Adjust the projector a snap – for newcomers to the projection equipment procured several presets images, they are chosen depending on the nature of images and viewing conditions. For example, if darkened room is not completely suitable mode Brilliant cinema, and for total darkness ideal choice would be Natural. Switching capacity PLV-Z700 is also impressive: there are two interfaces HDMI, and the latest version 1.3, as well as two sets of component inputs – not including S-Video and composite. Next to the switching unit is located compartment air filter.

To replace it, do not even have to remove the device from the ceiling. The need for such an operation can be learned from the menu – there is the counter of hours for him and for the lamp. So to maintain the internal cleanliness of the projector will be no more difficult than external. A purity of the technique – a pledge long uptime. Note the very high light output 1200 ANSI lumens achieved with a light source of 165 watts – it says the significant efficiency of the optical system. In particular, the lens aperture set to the minimum focusing distance of 1:2.0 – this is better than many more expensive models.