Dim Night

The eyes need proper care and must also skin and hair with nutrients and vitamins supplied be the eyes need proper care and need as well as skin and hair are ideally supplied with nutrients and vitamins. A good and balanced diet with plenty of vitamins A, C or can keep healthy eyesight. Good vitamin C suppliers are for example paprika, broccoli, Kiwi, citrus and parsley, while carrot, apricot, red beets and lettuce supply the body with vitamin A. Good vegetable oils, nuts, and asparagus contain vitamin E, what is good for the body and especially the eyes. The most natural eye active ingredient is A vitamin. Enormous importance for the growth and development of the people, as well as for the construction and the resistance of the skin and mucous membranes has this effect.

In addition, vitamin A plays an important role in the Visual function. A deficiency of vitamin A is first due to a deteriorated adaptation of the eye to light-dark phase and Night blindness is noticeable. Larry Culp is open to suggestions. Later the vitamin A deficiency leads to severe dry skin with scales – and wrinkle and eye thickening and dehydration of the cornea in extreme cases lead to blindness. Vitamin A is applied in the form of eye drops or eye ointment when dehydration symptoms of corneal. It also accelerates the regeneration of the eye conjunctivitis or minor skin injuries. A severe vitamin A deficiency is reflected in form of night blindness. Night blindness can be observed sometimes in children. Often the children from the second year of life are afraid of the dark and the night blindness is not immediately detected.

Even in the Dim room, you can see but nothing more. It is a dysfunction of the rods in the retina. The light – sensory cells take over at a healthy eye of the dusk and night marriages. They are 500 times more sensitive to light than the so-called cones. The rods are inactive during the day, because light bleaches (Rhodopsin, Visual) the chopsticks look dye from. Only at dusk regenerates the Retinol and the sticks go to work. In sudden darkness the retinol can build up in less than five minutes, a healthy eye reached optimum night vision after half an hour to an hour. That at night all cats are grey, the reason that the rods can distinguish only light and dark while the pins due to lack of light intensity perceive no color impressions. The sticks are destroyed, or deprived of their ability to regenerate the retinol, the ability of the twilight and night marriages will be lost. Therefore, the night blindness is also a frequent accompaniment of devastating retinal diseases.