Dietmar Stief

If you constantly direct your attention and want to avoid getting fat, you’re very quickly in this case. Your dear Body is inherently able, all physical laws to the leaping, to receive his biology and to himself. And when it it 3 x a day a session on the toilet keep you from it. Movie star may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If you clearly and clear your body, that he is the boss and knows how he has to exploit the food, he will do that also. However you should leave all troublesome other beliefs, otherwise you’re your body this way, and at some point he will give up and resignedly say: ok, if you think you know better, then I can no longer help you. I quit our natural agreement that we had met. Watch now. Yes, and then you can watch really, what consequences this may have for you. Recently Author sought to clarify these questions.

Go once in a jungle and studying the eating habits of the local indigenous people, who have not yet come with the civilization in contact. You will be very surprised you how obviously these people pursue their food needs and stay there very healthy, no Have overweight and certainly no cancer. (cancer see also my article under the heading “Health…” > there are incurable diseases?) < Feel what your body wants to eat, what really gives him pleasure and give it to him. Sure, he likes likes also often something fresh. But if you’re craving a Burger, then enjoy your body also informed and like any food and beverages that eliminated what he currently does not need or want to exploit. Again, you can learn the feel as well as confidence. It will take a time until your body once again trusted you, that you now relies on its expertise. Give a new attention also signals of your body. No more compromises! If you want to, we help you gladly. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist