Desires, Spurned And Revived

Three new photo walks with photo Flaneur Berlin dissipate through forgotten and neglected Berlin districts and streets immediately you can explore more unusual photo perspectives in the city of Berlin. Photo Flaneur-Berlin has developed three more in addition to seven walks in East and West Berlin. Particularly, the choice of locations and topics are all photo walks. Details can be found by clicking General Electric or emailing the administrator. And the process of this varied photo stroll course is unique. An experienced lecturer of the photo accompanied a group of up to four students to Berlin-typical but less touristic places.

You can choose your photographic favorite walk to select the theme and the location under the offers. The photo walks held on weekends, during the week, during the day or in the evening. We will discuss your images to the photo tour together. As a balance to the exhausting daily routine would indulge a creative break. Away from the main roads, little know Berlin and are looking for photographic inspiration for unusual places.

You want to Learn to see strong images and to relive moments. We help you to discover your personal photo themes. You get three to four hours time to express your feelings in the individual locations in images. You can experiment without pressure. You realize photo series on specific topics. In the places where we take pictures, you get individual photographic tips and suggestions. After each walk, we discuss the resulting images together on the lap top. Use such a photo stroll tour “to the development of a distinctive style. Bring your vision of the world in your images. Play with blur and sharpness, motion, contrast, unusual perspective and light. Catch so your impressions with the camera. Lose the fear of technically imperfect photos. You need no expensive camera to take good pictures. It’s about the photographic experience, not to technical perfection. “” “The new” are this: Goodbye Lenin the different faces of the Karl-Marx-Allee in East Berlin the East Berlin Stalin Avenue, so her name after Karl-Marx Allee, from 1949 to 1961, was planned as monumental residential street and prestigious shopping street of young capital of the German Democratic Republic.