Sometimes some people decide to contract a graphic designer to carry out a project of design without knowing clearly the concrete objective that they wish to obtain in that project. Whatever type of design, or is a corporative image, a logo, or an advertising pamphlet we must know clearly that we try to communicate. That image is the one that we want to project to ours I publish. Next I want aconsejarte 3 previous steps that you must know before contracting a graphical designer. 1.She describes your idea In order to know clearly what you try to communicate, and the project that you wish to carry out, is recommendable you write that it with the greater possible detail, later to be able it to pass on to the designer.

Everything writes what it is happened to you because any concept can be useful to understand your idea. 2. A Strategy elaborates This it is a very important point but that usually it is ignored in the majority of the times. Before to choose any format, or to begin any creation, he is essential that you know clearly what is what you try to reach. In order to develop any idea successfully first you must know how which is the objective to where you want to arrive. This way, it will be much more easy to develop the necessary thing until reaching your intention. So, hazte questions like What values or ideas desire of transmitting to I publish? To whom I am going away to direct? Which is the best format and why? 3.

It picks up Examples that your Idea Reflects In order to be able to more easily pass on to the designer your tastes and preferences to carry out a project you can pick up ideas of other companies that reflect the style or the character with which you would like to focus your project. It is not question to copy it, nor to imitate it, but, to have a reference than you look for. Later the designer will already indicate to you if that idea is right to focus your project. He tries to follow these steps whenever you need to communicate to the designer any idea, and you will secure better result in time much less. Recommended resource (You can include this article in your Web or blog as long as you respect the totality of the content, including names and I connect assets) Original author and source of the article.