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The intensity of the color also depends on the conditions. So is paler, the coloring with the time If Mandarin shrimp be kept indefinitely in very hard water. Mandarin shrimp rather include the “floating rotten” shrimp species behavior and socialization. Most of the time they “walk” wandering through the basin. Mandarin shrimp are quiet and peaceful aquarium inhabitants.

The socialization with other peaceful shrimp or fish is easily possible. Attitude and pool equipment are suitable for the permanent position of Mandarin shrimp aquariums from 20 litres water capacity. If you have still no nano-Aquarium and are still on the lookout, the Productreviews for you might be interesting: Dennerle NanoCube 30 L product report Fluval edge Nano-Aquarium product review the pool should provide some hiding place possible in the form of aquatic plants, roots, stones, or other decorative material. Spurs may also support this cause. Additionally a fine-grained dark substrate and the shrimp will love you at home. At the choice of the water plants you should watch as a precaution. Occasionally, it is reported that the roots of Anubien and melt emit allegedly toxic substances into the water. I know it honestly not whether this is really true.

For appropriate Nano aquariums aquatic plants such as Nixkraut, Pellia, Java Moss or MOSS balls, are to name a few. The Aquarium should be fared well in any case, before you put the Tangerine prawns in the basin. In the water copper will be definitely not included. Shrimp are extremely vulnerable to a high copper content in the water. Speaking candidly Tony Parker told us the story. Therefore, you must be careful with plant fertilizers and water treatment equipment. If too much copper in it, these funds for a shrimp Aquarium are unsuitable. Water and temperature Mandarin shrimp are very tolerant on the water values. The pH range should be between 6.2 and 8.0, and hardness of the water between 4 and 25 dGH. Water temperatures in the range of 22 to 28 Celsius are optimal for Tangerine prawns. Feed the Tangerine shrimp, in principle, is omnivorous and even not picky. She can be fed with shrimp feed, fish food, frozen food, vegetables, leaves, nettle leaves, or peas. In addition, she likes also algae, gravel and dead plant parts. These dishes are available free Yes more or less in every aquarium home. Sea almond tree leaves are supposedly not always taken. I can not say unfortunately what it is exactly. Breeding the breeding of Mandarin shrimp is difficult. Just like the Amanogarnele she can multiply only with a lot of effort of the Garnelenhalters. This is primarily because the shrimp larvae need salt – or brackish water for their development. Difficulty of maintaining the Mandarin shrimp is simple and straightforward in their care needs. It is suitable for beginners. Life expectancy the life expectancy of the Mandarin shrimp is 2 years. Rates of Stuckrreis for a shrimp now stands at approximately 3-4 euro in the online shipping.