Dee Jay

For example, a casino, "Prime", or in Potaninsky colony. All this is false information. Nemets never actually never played. I do not see, but there are also different kind of like shooting and even videos. There was a cool movie with "columns". Which was filmed at the Chelyabinsk TV. No.

Filmed at the Voronezh TV. And it was that shot at DH. Ie There were three clips from "columns"? Or do not. I Voronezh and Chelyabinsk saw movie with "columns". Voronezh is much better. He was shot before the Chelyabinsk. Do you have both? No. That's it.

Commercials were such! In Voronezh, "columns" was shot on a studio TV. Surname director seems Faneylov. I also saw this clip on TV. Are you sure that this was a very Nemets? A general who is Nemets – A. Nemec and V. Voronezh? I do not know. I've heard different things. An angry local youths rushed to the scene. Dee Jay reckless of our threatened to be torn kult.brigady apart. I had to close it myself. Cost. Only his jacket stained with blood. (From a story by A. W. German or Voronezh), a German came out of the entrance to the factory of rubber products. Under his arm – "Cremona" in his lapel – a red carnation. He liked to make a sudden somewhere in front of ordinary people. One of the current leaders of the regional Cossacks led us into the territory of. The concert took place directly in the barracks. Certificate and now the bank.