Dalai Lama

Oh, no, sorry, I say, break you the diaphragm. No, not my water heater is a hermaphrodite but you have diaphragm. Conclusion, no there is no choice but to call the charge of fixing this problem. And there goes one to the first mission impossible: find it. Because it is not question that the neighbor ande arranging it and after bathing us, good camaraderie, we’ll fly with propulsion gas Jet and goes to sing to Gardel. Close encounter with the plumber in a simple Visual inspection the benemerito gave account that arrived at a home to single women with children. Poor creatures!, was his first comment looking at the face of the minions of two, three, four and eleven that were looking at him with celestial experts face, when they are a few monsters capable of removing boxes to the own Dalai Lama. They also served in indication that when he requested the staircase was impeccable by null use by male.

Tools, they shone by its absence, took them is the last man who made a settlement in my Department, as a form of payment. Clip intact, plucking is known, when there is a man, the first thing that sounds is shaving clip that used it for everything except for their original purpose the beauty of a woman. With which was one more than safe proof that there was no man in sight. While put hands to work and eludia my million dollar question: how much I paid for happy diaphragm and workmanship by changing it, shipped to taste on the benefits of having a man like him in any House of any woman. Although warned of three divorces under her belt. My friend, meanwhile, looked at me askance, hesitant while meditating, which if the plumber came out alive and I do not despellejaba it probably should call emergency medical and public, to lower me angry pressure pressure essential to continue living.

And ended up to be decided when the Lord giving bygone task announced two enunciated matadors: are $70 and the phrase made in plumber’s header: girls what you need is: a man! The plumber knockout 70 handles to zero. Goodbye pretension of Saturday’s super action which could include any dinner go dancing and some etc. Because my action on that day if it continued, undoubtedly was in the nearest Hospice for him not strangle the jugular. Conclusion: the wise advice in addition to aggregate interests, convinced me that a plumber who gives advice rather than plumber is a friend (because my friend convinced her and it was urgent to find boyfriend, in fact two years ago that it is with him, but it still has damage from plumbing), and the fierce conviction of doing a couple of urgent and accelerated courses: gas fitter, electrician, masonry and one distance, the most essential of all, how to live with a man, survive in the attempt and without being turned into a woman on the verge of an attack of nerves as naturally feminine State. Chan, chan. Original author and source of the article.