Consumer Rights Protection

Introduction If you go to the Dutch – Dutch market, you are likely to encounter with the Dutch law on the protection of consumers by selling goods to consumers, producing goods for consumers and even being by the user. Particular attention is paid to the situation when the purchase is classified as a consumer purchase. The goods must meet the following requirements: an indication of those responsible for their proper quality and consistent product advertising. Consumers are viewed as the weaker party in comparison with the professional side. Learn more about this with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Therefore, the law of Holland – the Netherlands provided to consumers additional protection.

As a result, contract law supplemented by some specific rules to protect consumers. They are very much required for consumer contracts. In addition, European Law is strongly influenced by the Dutch law on consumer protection, in particular the European Directive on consumer goods and associated guarantees. Details can be found by clicking Ken Kao or emailing the administrator. This chapter will discuss the following issues relating to consumer protection: consumer purchases, product liability and advertising, misleading. Consumer purchases by the Civil Code defines consumer buying as a ‘purchase of movable goods, committed by the seller, working in a relevant field or profession of the market and the buyer is an individual, not employed in the relevant area of the market or profession ‘.

In most cases, the properties of goods sold is determined signs by which the purchase is regarded as a consumer or not. Treaty on purchases of water and gas supplied by pipeline, and purchases Real estate consumers are not regarded as a consumer. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. Consumer protection in the event of a dispute about the interpretation of the contract, the social status of the parties and their existing (proposed) legal knowledge will affect value of the contract.