Congos Colors

It will be that this did not strengthen the differentiated position that always had the aristocratic tricolor of the Laranjeiras? Interesting that, in 2011, the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro launched a shirt three entire gren with details in golden. Somebody would say: as one was, same that involuntarily, trying to occupy, in imaginary the popular one, the same space of the three alvirrubros clubs of the city Fenianos, America and Bangu. Probable, little almost impossible, but if somebody to want to continue in this hypothesis, is to the will. Before arriving at the conclusion of this chapter, we need to mention that, in the chronicle ‘ ‘ King Momo’ ‘ , written in 1935, Mrio de Andrade he affirms that blue and red ‘ ‘ they are the traditional colors of the joy brasileira’ ‘.

The carnival of that time is mentioned to it. It says that the fame of the combination of these colors comes of the dances of the Congos and Gingas, of the Congados and Moambiques, as well as of the Cavalhadas, where the blue one represented the Christians and vemelho the mouros. Although to extend to Brazil, it will be that it was taking for base the So Paulo carnival? In any way, the most important rubroanil Carioca club is Bonsucesso FC, while the biggest So Paulo club to combine these colors (and with the white) is the National AC. Ahead of what it was displayed, everything indicates that it did not have influence of the carnavalescos clubs in the choice of the colors of the soccer clubs. However, not cost specular that these combinations of colors rubronegro, alvinegro and alvirrubro already were property in possession in the cultural tradition of Carioca leisure e, for consequence, in imaginary the popular one.