At present anyone can leverage new technologies, such as the internet and forms of business that are found such as affiliate marketing, thanks to this have opened up countless opportunities for innovative businesses that allow us to create large business enterprises. Affiliate marketing is basically about promotional products to which US affiliates for commissions by the successful sales of such products. One of the trends in our favor when promoting products through affiliate marketing, is that we do not need to have the product in our inventory, since we have enough information online to find out what it is about and so that we can serve the product. Among the benefits that can be found to promote third party products it is that we do not need to sell any product absolutely, that the seller is responsible for that to become a member to certain people who only is in charge of taking visits to the sales page, and at the time of closing the sale, the affiliate who sent the person who purchased such product will receive a Commission for this sale. Among commissions that can be found are from 50% to 75%, offering us this way, an excellent profitability for the promoted product. The first action to be performed by the affiliate, is to know what are the products that are more in demand and are being sold at present, which may promote, should emphasize on promoting products that people need, in this way, we will be making our success in business over the internet. The second action to take is to create a web page, where we will be talking about the selected product, offering visitors an overview honest of the benefits that may be obtained to study or have in their hands the electronic book.

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