Business Productivity

A stressed worker presents physiological, cognitive and psychosocial consequences. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry Culp by clicking through. Is therefore discouraged / a, breach, it is conflicting / a, not concentrate, are having trouble making decisions, is poorly creative presents fatigue, insomnia, family conflicts, lack of work, becomes ill, it an accident, drink heavily, consumed substances, etc. When work-related stress is brought to an end without that is, appears the syndrome of Burnout or blown, which is defined as an emotional and cognitive response of massive deterioration due to markedly aversive and labour factors for the worker. In 2008, the Ministry of social protection issued resolution 2646 commits companies in the national territory to perform annual measurements of psychosocial risk factors, based on the instrument generated by the Javeriana University and to develop plans of epidemiological surveillance for the reduction of stress in each company. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA may also support this cause. The methodology suggested in our business programme includes, the universal application of the diagnostic test relating to the evaluation of mental workload stress, psychological disorders by stress, physical disorders related to stress, scale of Social readjustment scale occupational stressors, anxiety inventory, inventory of depression. We also establish measurements (and interventions) in: organizational climate, leadership, performance and motivation in addition, conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews with some of the participants in the process. From the results of the diagnosis, but you can transcend this measurement and integrate interventions to other programs of staff development, improvement of the organizational climate, conflict resolution, promotion and development of human talent, skills, training, integration, recreation, social welfare, among others. In this we will also advise you. Companies are like people: unique and unrepeatable. This is why plans for the reduction of the stress, control of staff promotion and psychosocial risk factors, are specially designed to suit the needs, organizational culture and the values of each company. Multi-experience programme for the reduction of stress, with an interactive, experiential, and playful, pedagogy in which participants internalize a series of practical experiences for stress reduction, which, by simultaneously stimulating different senso-perceptive channels and learning, facilitate the acquisition of powerful tools, not only to deal with stress, but to begin to meditate; promoting the development and maintenance of a more positive stress and business productivity, leadership, communications, teamwork, strategic thinking, motivation, conflict resolution, and self-esteem with the same previous philosophy of the insight and the transformative question, help working groups to develop the necessary transformations to cope with changes imposed by the market, growth business or new innovative strategies for the resolution of labour disputes between teams, groups, areas or individuals of a company who are facing or whose disarmonica ratio hinders the achievement of business objectives.Previous programmes can perfectly be combined with individual work with some executives selected for fulfilment of strategic goals of the empowering, that based on deep and disturbing questions and knowledge of your customer, leads it to discover and stimulate their values and strengths; to develop new strategies and put them to the service of the company and himself.