Brilliant Highlights Album

The band's name along with the caller's image Valo shocked the audience, and Producers Council, beginning with the second album the band HIM use the abbreviation instead of full names. Now musicians say the name His Infernal Majesty no longer has to do with it. The second album, Razorblade Romance, was released in 1999 and ended on first place in the German charts. Before him, also got the single for the song Join Me in Death, which was filmed two videos. Razorblade Romance was also released in the United States, but HIM are having difficulty with his distribution, as in America was of the same name Group HiM. Because of this some time this album was published under the headline U.S.

HER. Later, the rights to the name were bought through the mediation of another group, the director and a famous skater Bema Margery. Next was released Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, more pop-oriented, but less successful. Mikko Lindstrom parallel guitarist started a side project of Daniel Lioneye, which was attended by all members HIM. At the same time the vocals were performed by Linde, Valo and served Acting drummer. The most famous and popular album was released in HIM 2003 Love Metal. The title of the album became a self-proclaimed style of the group, which they describe as "love metal".

The album sold well not only in Europe but in America. Singles out the song the Funeral of Hearts, Buried Alive By Love, the Sacrament, music videos for these songs, taken Bemom Margery, broadcast on MTV and has successfully participated in its charts. HIM have become part of popular culture, a few times appeared to show their friend Bema Margery Viva la Bam on MTV. In 2004 the band was one of the headliners of the festival at Donington Download. In the same year he released a collection of hits And Love Said No. The album was a greatest hits album in 1998, but, however, included two new songs: a song * And Love Said No * and a cover version of Neil Diamond songs * Solitary Man *. The director of the clips on both tracks again made Bam Margera. In 2005, HIM recorded the album Dark Light, the first for the group charted Billboard. Album Venus Doom was released in September 2007 and ended on the first line of Billboard in the United States. In the texts and image HIM there are elements of the Gothic subculture, and therefore the youth publication is often referred to their music genre of gothic rock – contrary to the opinion of musicians, invented for self-determination of the term "lava-metal (love metal). Various publications and critics also attributed to a group of alternative rock, gothic rock, gothic metal music and glam rock.