Breath Of Fresh Air For Fresh Blood

The creative hotbed of Linz welcomes numerous job growth. Job growth in creative customers about customers. In the Linz Werbeagentur fresh blood has teamed a lot in 2010. Interantional or national – fresh blood for themselves through advertising interest and has some exciting projects on the agenda for the next year. 2010 fresh blood a year represents for the Linz advertising agency with numerous budget new additions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sally Rooney.

The communications company secures thus exciting new projects, without forgetting regular customers. An agency needs new additions and the challenge of the presentation, to keep the adrenaline pumping right. But we are as proud on our customers, we take care of for years. You show us every day that we properly with our work “, says Managing Director Gerd p. Enforced sensationally In the pitch and then with a campaign that attracted much attention. The State Guild of monument, facade and building cleaner of Vienna says its employees by fresh blood, thank you. The Building cleaners engaged in many nationwide around 16,500 people – of which migrantem background – and represent an integral part of the integration. In the fall campaign, we used the pull of the Vienna elections and drew the attention of the population on the industry specifically.

1600 well-placed 8 sheet posters with teasers and a radio campaign with 243 spots in 2 waves caused surprise”, fresh blood would be managing director Gerd p about the success of the campaign. And this goes in the spring in the next round. The Werbebudet of these two waves of communication stands at around 100,000 euros. The soil for life Sandra parquet is pleased about the relaunch of his complete communication presentation from the House of fresh blood. A photo shoot of a different kind to the motto in search of the ground for the life”has been already successfully implemented and now adds up the campaign, stone by stone. The story of the burning tree damage happens rehabilitated”Sanag. Fresh blood draws this motto responsible for the relaunch of the campaign of the Viennese building sanierers Sanag. There is probably a reason for promoting Sanag, because all other disasters are unpredictable. “So focused the campaign around Christmas, when it oh you happy” is called, and the damage happened and rehabilitated Sanag. A poster campaign coupled with radio will do the rest.