The main seasons of fashion had finished to pass and the new collection summer 2011 of the Europe finishes to arrive at the show windows of Milan. Marks as Galliano, H& M, Zara, Max & Co and others place in its show windows the biggest trends that influence the entire world. It is enough to appear in the show window that turns fashion. It has of everything: jeans, wide pants, floral prints, strong colors, dresses of stripes and colorings, dresses flowery, transparencies, over all caramel, among others. To buy feminine clothes that are in fashion, we must also look to the marks most legal accessible Brazilians and. You are welcome he advances to enter in a store carssima, if you only can take a part.

Many exist super grifes good that they offer models that are trend and that they make success. Nor always to be dressed well has to see with buying mark clothes. Then, some tips go there: – it buys versatile parts. This means to be multipurpose. Regattas, blouses of rendinha, legging, handkerchiefs, to blazer (1 or 2).

Of the one to create looks diverse. – it prevents to spend very in an item only. If you can spend very in many parts, show. Now if not, he does not make this. If you will only be gotten passionate by some thing in special and that she really goes to be valid to the penalty. – He goes direct to fast-fashion of the life. Zara, Renner. These store always offer absurd options that you finish if losing and without knowing what to lead. He is excellent. Optimum of everything this: you can walk without nobody in your foot. He exempts, he has taken and untied in mega stores. – Must-have of the station: flowery short dresses. What it has of model in the store is not little. Beyond the short dresses of the fashion, cardigs of flowers also a good one is asked for. Pretty, they combine with some occasions. Of the one to even use of night, in an event more light. – it bets in the accessories. They never are dispensable. Looks if normally becomes bacanas because of the use of parts key. It can be a pashimina, a different cinto, cintinho, one ankle boot, a dark stock market, earrings, laces, eyeglasses, etc. – it makes the accounts. Yes, we have that to also speak of this. It is not only enough to give tips to buy, to buy and to buy. It is difficult to be of front as many clothes and to think: I only can spend in such a way. But he is thus same. We have that to think before about the one, the one during and about the one later. Therefore it thinks well before taking a part more or to less. To the times it is better to take an item more, since it can parcel out more times in the card. It always looks for to parcel out to the maximum. How much lesser the parcel, plus you can have.