Brazilian Jewelry

Jewel is a word that we use in the Spanish, but really it’s a French word (joyau) that has been incorporated into the Spanish as if it were part of the same language. This type of words that are foreign, but taken in other languages are called study. Jewels are ornaments that people use (nothing more than women) to highlight any part of the body, or simply to distinguish between other individuals and have been used since a long time ago in different parts of the world and with different meanings. Is regularly thought that jewelry should be composed of precious metals and stones of great value; but this is not always true, since within the jewelry are accessories that are also used to decorate, but which do not use stones or metals of great value; This type of jewelry also has its origin in a French adjective: bijouterie, which we commonly designated as jewellery, which often has ones finished so good that people who cannot reach an expert in gemstones at be confused. Within the ornaments found regularly in jewelry shops are bangles, earrings, necklaces, pins for the hair, rings, among others, but also find jewelry for men, as for example in the cufflinks that are used on the cuffs of the sleeves to give a greater presentation; These consist of a bar that has a sphere that prevents that you untie the buttonhole in each end and on some occasions are completed with ornametos compounds of precious stones. In the same way we find watches that have very fine finishes made precious metals and in many cases also of stones; These are used both by men and by women. There is another kind of eccentricities for jewelry, as it is the case of some athletes who have opted to use precious stones in their tennis either done their accessories sports a luxury; such is the case of footballer Ronaldinho, who a few years ago chose to use diamonds inlaid in their tennis, and that he has now signed a contract with a famous sports shop is doing tennis special for this character, which are made of 24 karat gold and belong to the so-called line time legend or legend in Spanish time. These tennis are white, and the right shoe has a silver R and the right has a number 10 who is with which the athlete plays in the Brazilian selection.