Blue Travel – The Blue Cruise

Blue travel lead the visitors to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Who once would like to enjoy something special in his holiday, should join a trip into the blue. This is literally meant that during the trip, performing at Blue travel, you can see blue as far as the eye can see. The sea that incredibly reassuring, surrounds the traveler from morning till night. The ride is taken with the beautiful Gulets, motor sailors, which transport the passenger. Blue travel lead the visitors to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Gina Bonati follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

It is approaching a Bay, Yes, you can stay. Country corridors serve to explore the incomparable Mediterranean scenery or to sit down at the harbour in a Cafe. For more specific information, check out Sela Ward. Also here you will see blue again, because this time the view is vice versa on the sea. Here and there a fishing boat, some sea birds circle about one with himself and the world. The team, who steers the boat and also provides catering, offers the guest with everything he needs to free up feel. Holiday should be like, and Blue Cruises offer that in addition to the comfort plus adventure. Where will you go tomorrow at anchor? Which facing the sea, the mild, ungekrauselte or the slightly Wilder page? And what is even more beautiful, you is really have the feeling to be individually addressed, because a boat has a maximum of 16 cabins, often even less. As a floating “mini hotel” will please all who love sailing, but want to not necessarily be responsible for everything.

You should set up so a totally relaxed vacation at best food. The floating hotel guests everywhere going, where it’s really nice: whether you want to explore the Greek Islands, Mallorca and Croatia, Turkey, the guest will enjoy only the most beautiful views – on a trip into the blue into! Blue Cruises for individualists. Contact: Kai lodge tourist Rainer Ballard lock str. 67 33104 D-Paderborn Tel: + 49-5254-942525 fax: + 49-5254-942527 E-Mail: Internet: Sailing about the tour: the tour operator Kaya Lodge is a specialist for sailing trips and berth Charter Blue Cruises. His sailing are the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the islands between the Canary Islands and the Seychelles. On his travels, Kaya lodge offers turns to the active sailing but also courses and trainings.