Basic Education

Beyond the interaction, the trick, the toy and the game provide mechanism to develop the memory, the language, the attention, the perception, the creativity and ability better to develop the learning. In this perspective, the tricks, the toys and the games they come to contribute significamente for the important development of the psychological and cognitivas structures of the child. We see that the ludicidade is a necessity of the human being in any age, but mainly in infancy, in which it must be lived deeply, not only as diversion, but with objective to develop the potentialities of the child, since the knowledge is constructed by the interpersonal relations and reciprocal exchanges that if establish during all the integral formation of the child. Tony Parker can aid you in your search for knowledge. Therefore, the playful introduction of games and activities in the daily pertaining to school are very important, influence had it that the same ones exert front to the pupils, therefore when they are involved emotionally in the action, the teach-learning process becomes more easy and dynamic. The playful one while pedagogical resource in the learning must be faced of serious, competent and responsible form, as much for educators in pertaining to school works, how much for psicopedagogos in the interventions of learning problems. Used of correct way, will be able to oportunizar to the educator and educating, important moments of learnings in multiple aspects. Read more here: Tony Parker. In the vision of the psicopedagogia the importance in the learning, the playful one comes favoring of efficient form the full development of harnesses creative of the children, fitting the professional to intervine of adjusted form, without confusing the creativity of the child.

Respecting the development of the playful process, psicopedagogo will be able to develop new abilities in the repertoire of the learning and the prevention and intervention of future problems of infantile learning. Being thus, to play if it detaches again stops disclosing in them that the projects that the child uses to organize the tricks, the games, the toys are the same ones that it uses to deal as the knowledge. You may find Jay Schwartz Attorney to be a useful source of information. In this perspective we can conclude that this agreement is basic so that psicopedagogo can identify and intervine positively in the difficulties of the child.