Bachelor Party

Kiss of the young. Traditionally, the groom kissed the bride for the first time after the wedding. During the festivities the guests from time to time require publicly kissing the young, as it part of the wedding ceremony, after all, traditionally the kiss means the commitment of the young to be together until the end of his days, and longer kissing young, the longer these days, they will. Loaf. Ben Bretzman has plenty of information regarding this issue. Wedding cake. Not to be confused with a wedding cake! Loaf represents a prosperous, rich life, is the embodiment of the Slavic god of the sun – a symbol of wealth in all. Wedding cake (bread and salt) meet the parents of young in the house, which will host wedding (today it is on the threshold of the restaurant).

Pie means abundance, financial and spiritual. According to the old wedding traditions each of the guests must try the wedding cake, thus confirming its agreed to help a young family. It is believed that one of the young, who bite off a bigger piece, will be the master of the house. The traditional Russian wedding scenario consisted of the following rites: "Courtship," "bride," "Conspiracy" "Pre-wedding week", "Devishnik", "Fees wedding train," "Meeting," "Wedding," "Princes table" on the second day, the groom's house – "Testing young", the third – "Otvodiny." "Otvodiny" inquired into the bride's home. Mother-in-law regaled his son-pancakes, hence the saying went: "To the mother-in for pancakes." In the house of the bride do the ritual: "Buzhenie Bride," "Dream of the Bride" (on dreams unravel life in marriage) and "Dressing the Bride." Bachelor Party – Wedding Traditions by no means new, nor came to us from beyond the sea.