Automatic Metal Gates And Doors

Automatic metal gates and dveriMegadoor and Crawford are the Swedish unit of concern Cardo group, existing in the market for over 30 years, and has branches in over 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia. Products Megadoor and Crawford today successfully operates in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, America, China, Russia, etc. Megadoor – a unique concept of the gate, which was originally designed for aggressive and corrosive environment environment – drying of wood (from the temperature differences between inner and outer environment of more than 100 degrees Celsius), the usual metal gates could not cope with these demands. Megadoor, also suitable for other aggressive industrial environments. Due to this Megadoor has a wide range of applications in industries such as shipbuilding, aircraft hangars, paper industry, etc.

Megadoor – it's an automatic gate, consisting of two pvc fabrics (polyester fabric, supported by horizontal, aluminum sections fixed to the canvas with aluminum clamps). sliding and swing gates are constructed of tverdostoykih corrosion-resistant parts with reliable electric drive system, and prevent from entering the premises of dirt, dust and other harmful substances. The canvas also has a vandal-proof, sound absorbing, heat resistant characteristics. The gate can be made on the basis of any power of the wind. Gates for hangars Megadoor worked on individual projects of any size, depending on customer needs. May have additional windows, fire doors and gates can be applied lettering and logos directly on the canvas.

Simple, compact size and light weight Megadoor can reduce installation costs, hangar doors, and not require additional engineering redesign of the object. Thanks to the flexibility, innovation hangar project, which will save more space. Construction of the hangar can be reduced to a minimum around the form plane (shaped hangar project). When using the Multi systems swing gate, the gate size is almost unlimited. For example, three Multi System Megadoor, posed for the maintenance hangar in China, have the following dimensions: 96/144/95 m width and height of 26m. Resource exploitation Megadoor at least 20 years. cjsc 'engineering,' an official representative of 'Megadoor' in Russia, specialists will answer all your questions.