Alai Mountains

Suggesting Shukhrat (our vodtelyu) sleep, rode behind the wheel of the village of Sary-Tash to the bridge over the famous river Kizil-Su. Andrew slept in the cabin, slowly getting light, I remembered the note AP Mabuza, where he described his first visit to the Alai Valley. The grass was then a man's height and the noise of the grass, swayed by the wind, was heard more from the pass and create the illusion that the bowl of the valley lies the sea. Ah, nature fail during this time: the grass, as everywhere else – grass, but the size of the valley still make your heart beat faster, especially since Zaalay ridge became manifest in the starry sky unique wall. Quickly realizing where is the very top, noticed that the height of kilometer very noticeable between the Split and the peak itself – impressive. The stars have disappeared, it became very cold and timid rays of the sun Steel highlight white head tops, paint extravaganza began. On reaching the bridge, gave the steering wheel Shuhrat, and, riding on the first terrace of, asked to stop.

It was the first photo shoot in the Alai valley and near the peak Lenin. Driving along Alai Mountains began to notice all the ridges and hills that are suitable for launches and flights to the northern side of the valley. Since the latitudinal location of the valley includes a good warm and excellent in termichku throughout the day. As a result, running a little ahead, we have looked with envy to the north, watching the clouds with a stable base straights at 5000 meters.