After Eyesential

The best result is achieved when the face is not moved by facial expressions. The resulting feeling of tension in the unfolding of the active ingredients will take something and subsides after the drying time. During the dry Eyesential is a small invisible film on the skin and smoothes the eye area. The areas should be not touched or rubbed. After Eyesential has dried, the usual makeup can be applied. Eyesential work around only slightly tissue and not rubbing. We recommend that you not have make-up treated eye area, but only up to the edge of the order with powder dust because Eyesential is water – and fat-soluble. Mineral makeup and mineral powder mix well with Eyesential.

The key components of the ultra light formula are silica, silicates, sodium and magnesium. The patented active ingredient combination of Eyesential only affects the top layer of the skin. Eyesential is an extremely fine, invisible film on the skin and thus produces a slight tension. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin James. The magnesium in the serum contained closes the pores of the skin and ensures that nothing in the skin enters. In this way it gives the desired anti-aging the treated area effect. Eyesential smoothes wrinkles, tightens lines, Swelling and puffiness are reduced.

Dark eyes are softened and refined appearance of the skin. The amazing result holds up to 10 hours. For the subsequent application of make-up treated eye area should not have make-up because Eyesential is water – and fat-soluble. Mineral makeup and mineral powder mix well with Eyesential. Eyesential is classified as mascara, eyeliner and lipstick and classified as safe in the application as decorative cosmetics. It contains no means of superseding as AHA “s (alpha hydroxy acids), no protein or elastin;” Therefore, it is extremely gentle and safe enough to use it every day. Eyesential is dermatologically tested in animal experiments. The serum is available in a 15 ml glass bottle. There is more information about Eyesential here: Eyesential (click here) there are still Eyesential lashes – Eyelash serum that can grow the lashes. Do we recommend the use of Eyesential in regular Intervals making a Mikrodermabrasionsbehandlung, so that the skin looks even fresher and more beautiful. Image: – sunglasses portrait (c) Coka