I.e. search only occupy the market but also dominate it, for example with new pricing, for example policies when dominates the market is not clear that the price may be imposed, which in this case the demand it will have to accommodate bid, in such way that all companies can determine the price to pay in the market for a good or service. In this sense is clear that in the poster that WINS are entrepreneurs but not consumers or clients or buyers because these last have to accommodate to the offers of the market which is where the aforementioned with the demand. I.e. cartels make many opportunities that increase prices to take profits in the market, however, can do to lower prices so other companies can not compete in the market and thus break and closed its doors. By which the looking for posters is driving the market at will. I.e., they seek to create monopolies and oligopolies to put the price that they can think or feel. That may have more or higher profits.

Cartels are persecuted in some countries by the antimonopoly legislation and anti-oligopoly, in such a way that in them when held a business concentration of this kind the State intervene to correct the market, however, not everyone agrees these laws, and in any case it is extremely debatable topics, so that they are considered as tragic in the doctrine cases because it whatever shape or solution is adopted always There will be the sacrifice of some economic agent in the market. When you study the posters posters from drug traffickers can be studied, however, in the present headquarters we do not enter this topic because it is outside the scope of application of business concentration. 15 POOL for some authors the pool is like the poster, and for others it is something different, and they even talk about pool Aeronautics, in such sense is clear that deserves the corresponding studies.