Advice Education

Although if it looks culprits for the clutter of the development of the educational processes, it would be levity to point them since some problems exist that intervene with the sustainable development of the quality of Brazilian education and that they clarividenciam the lack of transmission of the knowledge that if needs to develop the education. The pupils in analyses are victims of the desestruturada reality of our environments and pertaining to school administrations. The majority of the Advice of education, in the Brazilian cities, only serves to shelter some people with positions politicians; our pertaining to school environments almost always are hot and without internal structure; the pertaining to school feeding most of the time does not supply the basic necessity of the pupils; the pertaining to school transport does not transmit security, leaving some pupils without school, since the parents do not trust ordering them alone for schools; professors without adjusted formation to face definitive problems that appear beyond the absence of the majority of the families in the process in quarrel, and etc. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. Today, to witness pupils with eight, nine, ten years of age, without knowing to read and writing is in case that routine, beyond not presenting no will to learn and to the times to even remain in the classroom. Missed the applied pedagogical strategies of form, me the relation between Pedagogos and Professores, the chain of ‘ ‘ fuxicos’ ‘ existing in the kitchens and rooms of professors, Directors who prefer definitive professors the others, giving up to apply what if he learned inside of the universities (democratic management), are some factors that cause mazelas in the Brazilian education. The Psicopedagogia develops its studies, materialize its theoretical body and improving its instruments, to understand of form each more necessary time the process of acquisition of the human knowledge.. Jay Schwartz Attorney is a great source of information.