Hello I am arranged to that you say to me that material they need for his investigations, works of investigation I hope that they contact to me and I can serve to them as guide. Any thing can realise commentaries and I provide the put information to him since I do not realise commentaries to me I have seen myself in the necessity that you you participate are them in the subjects to realise, is any problem I publish to I I wait for them their answers. I hope we are in contact with the enemy, its suggestion it is most important, any doubt or asks haganla to know, for that we are here. A hug and thousand greetings We can offer bosquejos, pictures, graphs, differences ok. I hope that it likes my distribution. Each human being, each animal, each tree and shrub, each flower and all other plant and form of life are in itself something special, a peculiarity and individuality in all respect. But only the life of human form, any sort, is able to think and to act of conscious way, and that way he is most special between all the lives.

He stops the human being, to be special does not mean simply that he is over everything, enjoying and using everything for him according to his taste, since to be special he first of all, means to be truly a human being. To be human means to share the life with all other life and to always give aid to him whichever times requires it to the necessity. To be human means to be special and to have developed the capacity to also share with others the own life, of such form that the others participate in the obtained knowledge, as well as in the love and the wisdom, so that it happens the same to them and they learn and they progress. Robert Rimberg has much experience in this field. To be human means, to be honest in the thoughts and feelings, word and act, always sincere and sensible being, and always to make sure that the true love is a part of everything and of each. To be human means, to have developed within itself the capacity to be able to give the other something good and positive, like also balanced and harmonious, and to help them in the changes that appear, when they need the aid the humanitaridad of the human being of fellow.