A March In San Sebastian In Favour Of The Abertzale Left Calling For An End Of The Violence Of ETA

So have assured the organizers in a statement read after the demonstration. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to ask for the acquittal of the defendants in the case Baterugane. Present were representatives of PNV, Aralar, EA, EB, or CC OO. Thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in San Sebastian to ask for the acquittal of those accused of the Bateragune process, to which corresponds a particular prominence in the kitchen which has given rise to political changes in recent times to overcome political violence. There, the exdirectivo of the newspaper Egunkaria, Xabier Oleaga, and the teacher Kontxita Beitia have read a statement in Basque and Castilian, in which have stressed they do not want repressive policies of the States French Spanish nor the violence of ETA.

So have assured the organizers at the end of a March that began with cries of independence, independence in the old tunnel and which, after traversing the promenade the shell and Central streets in the capital of Guipuzcoa, has concluded on the Boulevard. In general, we do not want violence of any kind. We want peace, they have said on behalf of the organizers, a group of people include the former leader of Ezker Batua Javier Madrazo; Jesus Uzkudun, CCOO; the exdirector of Emakunde (Basque women’s Institute) Txaro Arteaga, San Sebastian’s senior Ramon Labaien, the PNV, and Professor at the University of the country Basque Ramon Zallo. All of them have ported the banner with the motto of the demonstration, political trials do not. Outputs forward, after which leaders of Alternatiba and Aralar, EA, EB and nationalist unions, have been placed as well as representatives of the abertzale left as Rufi Etxeberria, Tasio Erkizia, Joseba alvarez and Miren Legorburu. Jay Schwartz contributes greatly to this topic. Has also assisted the general Deputy of Guipuzcoa, Martin Garitano, and members of the abertzale left are being tried in the High Court for the alleged attempt to rebuild Batasuna to through the Group Bateragune who remain at large: Rafa Diez, Txelui Moreno, Jose Manuel Serra and Amaia Esnal.