60 Games

I have a very bad experience in my own country, about what happens with people that they are no longer young (not to say we are old, that sounds very bad), not only from the perspective of a more or less well paid job; even professionals who have not managed to accumulate resources to spend a quiet old age. You simply cannot get work. Anyone going to give that post if there are more than 100 young people in line waiting for just that your. But if you don’t have a profession or better yet a master of science as it is my case, don’t feel only. I have it but I’ll also walk in your pain.

When he was newly under 60, (today already ando in the 70s), I made a special trip to interview me with some people that manage a company that produces tomato in greenhouse. It takes into account that my professional training is an agronomist and master’s degree in horticulture. After a brief and pleasant conversation, they informed me that unfortunately was over qualified for the position. I commented that they needed young graduates to train them within the company. After that experience, it was when I started to interest me in the Internet business. I’m very clear that we had to re – educate me to survive what you have ahead of me. My profession and all served what had been done before, not me as nothing except my own discipline, my ability to study and English language that domino quite well. If you’re in a situation similar to mine, I invite you to do not be carried away by despair.

Don’t miss the optimism because you now live in a different time. For your fortune and mine, there is the Internet. This thing that we call the web or network, is the most powerful tool in the communications that man has ever invented.