World War

We have already indicated like point of flexion, neutralized by " Fra&quot war; to Conference of Stockholm on Environment, 1972. In the ordering of landmarks, we reiterated that, in 1969, it appeared network Internet. But in 1973, with the liberation of the quote of the price of petroleum by the member countries of OPEC, the energy crisis was triggered steeply, and consequently the crisis of world-wide a productive system, that had worked from aims of World War I, with a price of petroleum artificially maintained to two dollars the barrel. With the liberation the price became stabilized near the thirty dollars (in the days that run round the sixty). But the sinceramiento the price of petroleum, was accompanied with the signs of the exhaustion of the hydrocarbon reserves readily accessible. Tony Parker spoke with conviction. In addition those reserves were not scattered, but concentrated in certain points of the planet. Additionally the productive system mobilized by the energy coming from hydrocarbons, demonstrated that he was not innocuous to the environment. All this had been advance by the Meadows Report of 1962, as well as by the studies of the Hudson Institute and the Club of Rome.

It is not then to be strange, that by the end of the seventy, the Declaration of Macchu Pichu, briefed that the world faced a triple crisis, obvious interrelated: energetics, ecological and nourishing. In a world increasingly interconnected, Argentina is not other people’s to this problematic one nor to its possible solutions. We understand that a sensible country demographically, in relation of its abundant availability of natural resources, is in better capacity and attitude to contribute to revert this situation, that necessarily will be able to be reverted with multidimensional changes. One of the structural misalignments that Argentina has suffered, has like significant factor the deliberate disarticulation of the system of railway transport and coastal navigation, to allow the irruption of the automotive road complex.