With The Wondershare Videoconverter MP4 To AVI Mac

With the Wondershare Videoconverter for Mac quickly and easily convert mp4 to avi mac. Download here and get started! MP4 to AVI fast as never before. Convert a Mac movies on the Mac have? Do you have movies in MP4 format, which may like to want to play it on a desktop PC, which does not support this format? A conversion is necessary. If you are looking for a conversion program for films in all possible formats, so you are best served by Wondershare.de with the Videoconverter! Now, the following explains how to convert files of MP4 to AVI Mac. This conversion from MP4 to AVI on Mac is easier than you think if you understand some basic steps. In the first step you can visit the Internet portal Wondershare.de, to purchase a license for the Mac version of the Videoconverters. If you would like to know more about Tony Parker, then click here. Download the program and start it. You can now begin the actual process of conversion from MP4 to AVI Mac: step 1: import the files import your movie files from MP4 to AVI, convert Mac would,.

in your project. To do this, click on the button with the label “Add”. Navigate file located on your hard drive through to your MP4 to convert, and select them by highlighting them. Source: San Antonio Spurs. Then, press OK to import the files to your project. This step is done, and all the files that want to convert them to your project are added, so you can skip to the next step. Step 2: Select of the desired output format so far you have not communicated their Videoconverter still, in what format it should convert the source files. Since you want to convert your video from MP4 to AVI on your Mac, choose profile to the output “AVI”. It was the penultimate step of the conversion.

Do you want everything according to your set – you can of course convert on equally well in any other format – so you must specify the target folder. The converted files are stored in this folder. Have you set the destination folder, so you can finally go over. Step 3: convert the mp4 avi mac files start your conversion by clicking on “Start”. Another window opens displaying the progress of the conversion process. The time already elapsed and still required are displayed. In the preview window can follow in real time, the converter is arrived at which point of the video. The two bars show the progress of the conversion of each video file, as well as the overall progress of the conversion process the user. Finally you can convert multiple files at once. After some time, the conversion process is complete, and your files have been converted from MP4 to AVI on your Mac.