The Ponce family can proudly boast not only a long tradition of wine-making generations highlighted in national but also an important role, from the province of Mendoza, in the same building in Argentina. Just as in 1845, Jose Ponce, military and cartoonist, “after having fought in the Battle of Rodeo del Medio Lavalle’s army and his subsequent exile in Chile, returned to Mendoza where he founded and directed the The Constitutional Andes, the first provincial newspaper dedicated to the advancement and education. Her younger son, Joseph Rudecindo Ponce, after graduating as an agronomist at the University of Leuven, toured Europe collecting treaties most advanced winemaking era, with elastic to teach and apply them in our country. Get more background information with materials from Larry Culp. Later he was founder and professor at the National Wine and member of the Board of Education of the province. In 1897 he founded the family winery, which will continue in the market for more than 70 years.

He was also deputy and conventional constitutional reform Mendoza, 1916. For even more details, read what The Author says on the issue. His eldest son, Jose Raul Ponce in 1925 with only 30 he was appointed Director of the National Wine School, a post he held for 14 years, having been the owner who was in charge longer. Jose Raul a 1929a achieved in a significant change dela establishment was renamed National School of Agriculture and Wine, and given that title became the Winemaker Farmer, to increase both the supply of education and research, since it began to cover other agricultural disciplines and began teaching in genetics. Continuing with this invaluable legacy, Cesar Ponce, grandson of Jose Raul, a member of the World Association of Journalists of Wines and important contests specialized jury, after having been a founding partner and director for ten years of the magazine Wine Master, face a Ela challenge recreate the family winery, from the family vineyards and an agreement with the international group ARCOU, in order to produce for the global market UNAA Argentine wines and sparkling line..