Windows Solution Center

Windows 7 includes many new updates, including advances in speech recognition, tactile and writing, support for virtual drives, better performance in multi-core processors, improved boot and improvements in the core.
Many new features were added to the Control Panel as: Accelerators, Gadgets, Infrared, troubleshooting, and other location sensors, , Windows Solution Center, among others.
There were major changes in programs such as WordPad, Paint, Calculator and On-screen keyboard.
Windows Sidebar, or better known as Windows has been eliminated and Sidebar gadgets can now move freely anywhere on the desktop.
New printers and devices of the control panel item in which they have access to all the hardware you connect to your computer (digital photo printers, cameras, etc.). Source: Vanessa Marcil. Along with this has been included Device Stage, is a director of mobile devices that helps users to synchronize music, videos, photos, and give information about the status of the SIM card, battery, messages, etc..
Aero Snaps: Lets you resize a window by simply dragging it to the edge of the screen, for example, if drag is maximized at the top, right or left is the 50 of the screen according to which side drag and drag it back to the center takes its original size.