Western Asia

It is moving northwest at 22 kilometers per hour and is located 180 kilometers south of Havana. And by hurricane "Gustav", which hit the U.S. next week, in the near future can be assigned to the fifth category of danger. Such a hurricane causes the most significant damage. 'Complete failure of roofs on residential and industrial premises. Complete destruction of small houses' – describes the National Hydrometeorological Service category five hurricane.

After two decades of Earthlings will experience a shortage of fresh water in Recently, the problem of growing poverty and deteriorating environmental concerns practically the whole world. In the slums has population of 1 billion people, and by 2010 this number will double. Natural disasters annually damage at 1 billion dollars, and for every 10 years, this amount is doubled. In the XXI century global warming is expected up to 6 degrees. As a result, 'in Asia and 50 million could be washed away by flood, and South Africa become a desert. " In order not to prevent global disaster, it is necessary to combine research and development of developing countries to clearly respond to the challenges of our time.

Particularly relevant is the issue of availability of fresh water on our planet water. The problem of fresh water, he said, already regards to 90 percent of the population of Western Asia. And by 2030, half the world population will suffer water shortages. These projections led the president neoptimisticheskie Academy of Sciences of the Islamic world Abdel Salam Majali at the 16th Scientific Conference of IAN, which opened on August 25 in Kazan.